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high-value engineering

Our solutions were designed with high-value engineering assets in mind. As a result, we have the confidence to deliver the quality, accuracy and repeatability demanded of our products and services. Find out more about how we serve your industry by clicking the relevant card below.


From gas turbine bolts to airframe rivets, our solutions redefine speed and damage rates during MRO operations.


Planned or unplanned, maintenance means downtime. Get systems back online sooner by eliminating the risk of seized fasteners.


Eliminate delays in asset maintenance. Our flexible tooling adapts to the varied fastener types seen in industrial machines.

Nuclear Power

Exotic alloys, hazardous environments, robotic integration – we can handle them all. We will work with you to deliver the solution you need.


Our solutions can unlock the commercial viability of remanufacturing with high-throughput and low unit cost processing of used parts.

Renewable Energy

Working at height requires safe, reliable tooling. Our solution delivers fastener removal with no mechanical force or heat input.