• From gas turbine bolts
    to airframe rivets,
    our solutions redefine maintenance
  • Reducing scrap
    through remanufacturing
    in the renewable energy sector
  • Getting systems
    back online sooner,
    reducing downtime


Our portable fastener removal tool helps boost the speed of aerospace maintenance, by enabling rapid disassembly while virtually eliminating risk of component damage.

Scintam Engineering provides innovative tooling platforms to increase the efficiency and safety of your maintenance processes. Whether your challenge is seized fasteners, difficult to reach locations or hazardous working environments, we have a solution for you.

Our tools are purpose built to give peace of mind in repair, we help to minimise downtime by ensuring maintenance schedules can be followed. Our hardware enables the accurate and rapid removal of seized components, reducing damage rates and downtime whilst improving operator safety. The portable system can be taken onto site when unexpected issues arise or used as part of a purpose-built remanufacturing cell, making it adaptable to a range of requirements.

See how FastEDR works

Our portable fastener removal tool helps boost the speed of aerospace maintenance, by enabling rapid disassembly while virtually eliminating risk of component damage.

The benefits

Increased operator safety

Increased operator safety

Unpredictable maintenance operations carry significant risk to the workforce, procedures which minimise this take time and can be costly to implement. FastEDR technology provides a safer solution, where high forces, significant heat and toxic chemicals can be avoided.

Cut process times by up to 80%

Cut process times by up to 80%

Removal of seized components results in significant downtime across sectors. Scintam’s purpose built technology can reduce this downtime drastically, getting systems back online sooner. Compared to traditional methods FastEDR reduces repair process times by up to 80%.

Certainty during scheduling

Certainty during scheduling

Whether the application is one where seized components are inevitable, or if they are an occasional issue, uncertainty over whether they can be causes problems. By having FastEDR on hand, this uncertainty can be eliminated, making scheduling more accurate and reliable.

Damage rates 95% lower than competitors

Reduced damage rates

Scrap is reduced by ensuring the correct tool is always used, located and confirmation data is received by the operator. Our specialist tools are purpose built for the job, meaning problems such as misalignment and slippage only occur in the most extreme cases.

Predictable & repeatable

Predictable & repeatable

FastEDR uses physical engineering controls to ensure that the tools function correctly and consistently. Further closed loop software controls and data storage mean that quality is assured and can be audited at the push of a button. Our tools fit into your processes.

Portable and adaptable

Portable and adaptable

Adaptability is at the core of our tools, they can be easily moved to where they are needed, reconfigured to each scenario, and used with high levels of operator assurance. This makes our tools indispensable for both planned and unplanned maintenance operations.

Our sectors

We work across many industry sectors providing multi-purpose tools for a range of applications.

We design custom solutions in-house for particularly challenging applications.

  • Machinery

    Eliminate delays in asset maintenance. Our flexible tooling adapts to the varied fastener types seen in industrial machines.

  • Aerospace

    From gas turbine bolts to airframe rivets, our solutions redefine speed and damage rates during MRO operations.

  • Industrial

    Planned or unplanned, maintenance means downtime. Get systems back online sooner by eliminating the risk of seized fasteners.

  • Nuclear Power

    Exotic alloys, hazardous environments, robotic integration – we can handle them all. We will work with you to deliver the solution you need.

  • Remanufacturing

    Our solutions can unlock the commercial viability of remanufacturing with high-throughput and low unit cost processing of used parts.

  • Renewable Energy

    Working at height requires safe, reliable tooling. Our solution delivers fastener removal with no mechanical force or heat input.

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