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Have seized fasteners caused unforeseen delays for your business? Our tooling ensures you always know how long that bolt or nut will take to remove, before you even encounter it. With the ability to adapt to fasteners ranging from M3 (no.4) to M30 (1-¼”), no maintenance issue is out of reach. FastEDR has been designed from the ground up to prioritise user simplicity and to minimise operator interactions, significantly reducing labour and training costs.

See how FastEDR can revolutionise your maintenance processes

Whether our off-the-shelf tool heads are perfect for the job, or your challenge needs a customised approach, we are here to help. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Benefits for the industrial sector

  • Our state-of-the-art software system, intuitive UI, and ergonomic hand tool design minimise the need for operator training to become a certified user.
  • Built-in recording and retrieval of process history allows for the analysis and control of maintenance issues.
  • The portability of our FastEDR system allows for fastener removal at any location. The system is supplied with caster wheels, and can be shipped with single or three-phase power supply, ensuring your maintenance needs can be met wherever needed.