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What is FastEDR?

FastEDR is an innovative system which can be used to remove seized metallic fasteners using a technology known as electrical discharge machining (EDM). The FastEDR system is comprised of two parts: a portable power unit containing all of the EDM equipment, and an interchangeable tool head that is positioned on to the fastener.

What can FastEDR remove?

Fast EDR can remove seized nuts and bolts, press-fit bearings and pins, broken taps and drills, and any other type of metallic fastener.

Why FastEDR?

FastEDR significantly improves the reliability of maintenance scheduling by reducing damage rates during disassembly by up to 95% compared to existing methods.

The tool head accurately locates on to seized fasteners to provide a safe and precise method of removing an extensive range of fasteners in any alloy - from aluminium to exotic nickel alloys.

The base unit includes an intuitive interface, combined with intelligent software, to ensure fasteners are eroded correctly first time, every time.

Will FastEDR damage my parts?

The FastEDR process is free from mechanical forces as the electrode never comes into direct contact with the fastener being removed, ensuring no damage to your part.

The fastener and your part always remains cool to the touch, ensuring no heat affected zone or changes in microstructure are generated in your valuable component.

Using this precision technology, damage to the surrounding material, including threads and coatings, can be eliminated. FastEDR is the most predictable and safe fastener removal technology for use on high-value assets.

Is FastEDR a reliable process?

Yes. The design of the interchangeable tool heads allow for accurate alignment with the fasteners, resulting in an exact and repeatable fastener removal process. The intelligent software maintains the system and machining parameters, performing adjustments where required, to enable a consistent and reliable removal process.

Is FastEDR safe?

An enclosed volume around the fastener means that the process is fully isolated from the operator and surrounding part. Dielectric fluid may be recycled through the enclosed tool, eliminating water build-up on or surrounding your part.

Current is only sent to the tool head once all preconditions are met, eliminating the possibility of electrical shock to the user.

Will FastEDR suit my needs?

We work across many industry sectors providing multi-purpose tools for a range of applications.

An extensive range of adaptors means that standard fasteners can be removed with ease, whilst custom adaptors and toolheads can be configured to your needs.

The portability of our FastEDR system allows for fastener removal at any location. The system is supplied with caster wheels, and can be shipped with single or three-phase power supply, ensuring your needs can be met wherever they are needed.

Our in-house design team can develop custom solutions for particularly challenging applications.

Does FastEDR require extensive training?

No. FastEDR has been designed from the ground up to prioritise user simplicity and safety, with minimal training required.

An intuitive touch-screen user interface guides you through the complete process. Choose the fastener you wish to remove, attach the required tooling and initiate machining using the ergonomic tool head. No knowledge of the machining process is required due to our extensive database of machining parameters and intelligent software.

What services does Scintam provide?

To enable you to carry out maintenance or remanufacture on-site, we provide the complete FastEDR system comprised of a portable power and EDM unit, and an interchangeable tool head.

For short runs or one-off requirements, we provide an in-house or on-site fastener removal service with a fast turnaround time, applicable to both single components and runs of 100s of parts.

For particularly challenging applications, we can provide custom solutions, including tool head design and manufacture to enable you to solve your specific challenges, such as a difficult to access fastener or an automated system for repetitive fastener removal tasks without operator intervention

No matter how big or small, complicated or niche, please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.