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Nuclear Power

The removal of fasteners in hazardous and difficult to access environments has been a key consideration in the development of the FastEDR technology. Minimise operator radiation exposure by considering our optional robotic integration, allowing for remotely operable fastener removal processes. Our electrical-discharge-based machining process allows for the rapid removal of any metallic alloy fastener, in an enclosed and controllable environment.

See how FastEDR can revolutionise your maintenance and decommissioning processes a

Nuclear applications are rarely solved by off-the-shelf solutions. We specialise in rapid delivery of custom solutions – get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Benefits for the Nuclear Power sector

  • FastEDR has been designed from the ground up to prioritise user simplicity. The intuitive UI and ergonomic tool head aids in minimising excess operator radiation dose uptake.
  • Our technology can be adapted into a remotely operable system, eliminating the risk of radiation and hazardous materials exposure.
  • Fasteners are removed in an enclosed environment, preventing the generation of airborne activity or production of contaminated waste materials.