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Slow, unpredictable, and labour-intensive drilling and grinding processes significantly reduce the commercial viability of remanufacturing. FastEDR is an electrical-discharge-based machining process which allows for rapid and repeatable part processing. Our technology has been designed from the ground up to prioritise user simplicity and to minimise operator interactions, significantly reducing labour and training costs. From the processing of one-off components, to runs of hundreds of parts, we have a solution for you.

See how FastEDR can revolutionise your remanufacturing processes

We have some exciting products in development for the remanufacturing sector, including automated and semi-automated processing. Get in touch to find out more.

Benefits for the Remanufacturing sector

  • Our state-of-the-art software system, intuitive UI, and ergonomic hand tool design minimise the need for operator training to become a certified user.
  • High-speed, repeatable processing of parts maximises part throughput and minimises wastage, reducing the unit-cost per processed part.
  • Our technology eliminates the possibility of damage to your parts due to our innovative tool-head design. The process is free from mechanical forces as the electrode never comes into direct contact with the fastener being removed.