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Our technology was originally developed to solve challenges in the aerospace sector. We understand the need for accurate, reliable and fool-proof tooling for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) processes. Why burden the risk of damaging an asset during disassembly by using antiquated drilling and grinding methods? FastEDR requires no mechanical force to cut through fasteners, and the familiar hand drill ergonomics ensure maintenance engineers require minimal training to become certified users. Traceability is also simple with built-in recording and retrieval of process history.

See how FastEDR can revolutionise your MRO processes

We have delivered off-the-shelf and custom solutions that shave hours off of MRO processes. Get in touch to discuss your applications and requirements.

Benefits for the aerospace sector

  • Get aircraft back in service sooner by replacing slow and unpredictable drilling and grinding operations
  • Eliminate FOD and reduce damage rates by up to 95% compared to conventional processes
  • Ensure the safety of your operators by using our near-zero mechanical force process with no hot work risks