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Simplifying maintenance
with cutting-edge technology

How FastEDR works

FastEDR significantly improves the reliability of maintenance scheduling by reducing damage rates during disassembly by up to 95% compared to existing methods.

The system is composed of a state-of-the-art portable base unit and a range of off-the-shelf and turnkey custom designed tool heads.

The tool head accurately locates on to seized fasteners to provide a safe and precise method of removing an extensive range of fasteners in any alloy - from aluminium to exotic nickel alloys.

An extensive range of adaptors means that standard fasteners can be removed with ease, whilst custom adaptors and toolheads can be configured to your needs. The base unit includes an intuitive interface, combined with intelligent software, to ensure fasteners are eroded correctly first time, every time.

The FastEDR process uses electrical pulses to dissolve metallic fasteners on a microscopic scale. The method is free from mechanical forces as the electrode never comes into direct contact with the fastener being removed. An enclosed volume around the fastener means that the process is fully isolated from the operator and dielectric fluid may be recycled through the tool. The fastener and your part always remains cool to the touch, ensuring no heat affected zone or changes in microstructure are generated in your valuable component. Using this precision technology, damage to the surrounding material, including threads and coatings, can be eliminated. FastEDR is the most predictable and safe fastener removal technology for use on high-value assets.


Multi-Purpose Tool Head

Scintam offers a multi-purpose tool head that can remove a wide range of standard fastener types with minimal setup time. Switch from removing nuts to removing rivets in seconds with our simple electrode switching method.

  • Our most versatile tool head for use in any area in your business
  • Tackle multiple fastener types with one tool head
  • Nuts, bolts, rivets, screws, taps and more

Power Unit

The core of FastEDR is our portable power unit. This contains all of the equipment required for the EDM process and to control the operation of the tool head. The operator can select the fastener type and the operating parameters are automatically loaded for quick and easy operation.

  • Supplied with caster wheels
  • Reconfigurable with different tool heads (<1 minute changeover)
  • Range of power supply inputs (worldwide single or three phase, aircraft power [400Hz])