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October 2022

New automated remanufacturing platform in development

Game-changing remanufacturing technology! Why chase CO2 reduction strategies that take 5 years to implement when remanufacturing can achieve excellent results in a matter of months?

We are excited to announce a successful Innovate UK SMART grant application that co-funds development of our automated remanufacturing platform.

Project ARTES ‘Automated Remanufacturing Towards Environmental Sustainability’ will develop an automation cell targeted at the first stage of component remanufacture – disassembly. We know that scrap rates of viable components (‘cores’) across this industry are far too high due to seized fasteners or design oversights. Our solution will enable intelligent, unattended disassembly of components in batches, unlocking the commercial viability of widespread remanufacturing.

We look forward to bringing this technology to customers across automotive, aerospace, wind turbines, heavy industrial and beyond…

If you would like to learn more about how remanufacturing can have positive environmental impacts, reduce supply chain challenges and boost profits, please reach out to

About Scintam Engineering

Scintam develops cutting-edge repair, maintenance and remanufacturing tooling for a range of engineering sectors. Our pioneering technology provides environment and sustainability benefits to our customers by enabling repair instead of replacement - our aim is to maximise the number of components that are remanufactured, preventing the need for highly energy-intensive new manufacture. We design tools for aerospace MRO, and the energy and remanufacturing sectors.

Founded in March 2021, Scintam is supported by Innovate UK funding to advance our research and development capability, driving growth in the industry through the development of new technologies.